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  1. Tutu Troubles – Meet RosFrankie who is at the age when nothing fits right….
  2. About My Friends – Meet some of RosFrankie’s unusual friends and learn about THE books.
  3. The Inheritance – Find out what happens when strange critters inherit strange things.
  4. Finding Answers – Find out what happens when good friends help each other.
  5. A New Friend – What does a Puffin have to do with an island suddenly growing in the middle of the ocean?
  6. A Treasure Map – Can RosFrankie read a treasure map written in invisible ink?
  7. A Treasure Hunt – First RosFrankie goes to school and then she goes on a treasure hunt.
  8. And Beyond – RosFrankie meets Lucy and Lucy meets a Wooly Mammoth named Timmy with a tusk ache.
  9. Lost Data – What does Beatrix Potter have to do with a Snow Leopard who might not have been?
  10. Found Data – RosFrankie gets entangled with a diary, a diamond and a blue foot.
  11. The Castle Cellar – RosFrankie and her friends go in a door which they can never come out.
  12. Forever Never Ending – HOG makes her delicious Cosmological Soup and RosFrankie meets a round yellow ball.